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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Music [Augustana]

Please note [Nov. 7, 2019] - Effective October 2019, there will be no further admission to this major. Students who entered the program prior to October 2019 must complete all program requirements by April 30, 2024.  The last degree with this specific major will be granted at Spring Convocation 2024. Continuing students must refer to the Calendar under which they were admitted for program, promotion and graduation requirements.  Additional details can be found on the Errata  page. 

Admission Requirements

See Augustana Faculty . Each student who wishes to be exempt from taking AUMUS 100  must complete the Music Theory Placement Exam (MTPE):  a student who scores lower than 70% must register in AUMUS 100. For further information about entrance into the Music program, contact the Department of Fine Arts and Humanities, Augustana Faculty.


  1. Theoretical and Analytical Studies, Musicianship Skills: AUMUS 160 , AUMUS 162 , AUMUS 260 , AUMUS 262 .
  2. Music History and Literature, Music in Society: AUMUS 170 , AUMUS 224 , AUMUS 225 , AUMUS 226 , and ★3 from AUMUS 322, AUMUS 330, AUMUS 422 or AUMUS 430.
  3. Applied Music (instrumental/vocal lessons) and Ensemble courses: ★9 (with at least ★4 in each category).
  4. Music options: a minimum of ★9.
  5. AUMUS 495 and AUMUS 496 or ★3 from AUMUS 422  or AUMUS 430.Note: This is an overlapping requirement with (2) and (3).
  6. The set of courses selected in (2)- (5) above must include at least ★12 credits at the 300- and 400-levels.
  7. A passing grade in the Keyboard Skills Proficiency Examination (KSPE). See Music Handbook online for details.
  8. Successful completion of the Recital Attendance Requirement (RAR). For every year in a Music program at Augustana, a student must attend a minimum of 10 RARdesignated events per year. Failure to achieve this minimum in a given year will require withdrawal from any Music program (BMus or BA). A minimum of 40 recitals or concerts is required for graduation unless transferring in from another institution or program.

Additional information for students

  1. A student considering graduate studies in Music is encouraged to take elective courses that examine cultural and critical theory.
  2. A student considering graduate studies in Music should note that certain graduate programs require a reading knowledge of one or more of French, Italian, and German. In addition, the student should include other courses such as AUMUS 261 , AUMUS 263 , AUMUS 361 ,  AUMUS 369 , and another course from Music History and Literature, Music in Society. To facilitate entry into a graduate program with an academic emphasis, a student should include additional courses from Music and other disciplines, including those which encourage interdisciplinary perspectives. To facilitate entry into a graduate program with a performance emphasis, a student should include third- and fourth-year recitals, ensembles, conducting, and other courses relevant to the area of emphasis.
  3. A student considering further studies in Music Education should include AUMUS 231, AUMUS 235, AUMUS 236, and AUMUS 336, as well as further courses in ensembles and/or applied Music.
  4. A student should prepare to pass the Keyboard Skills Proficiency Examination (KSPE) in third or fourth year.
  5. Senior Music courses are offered in alternate years only.

Recommended first-year programs

Recommended programs for subsequent years

Recommended third-year program includes:

Recommended fourth-year program includes: