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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Interdisciplinary Studies - Global and Development Studies [Augustana]

Additional Requirements

  • ★6 in a single language (normally of the region of the Semester Abroad or International Tour or of a cross-cultural immersion experience within Canada).  
  • One exchange (at least one month in duration), an approved semester abroad, an approved practicum, internship or co-op experience.

★24 (with ★12 in each of two areas of the following specializations, with at least ★3 at the 300-to 400-level in both):


  • At least ★12 in a well defined interdisciplinary area of Global and Development Studies approved by the Chair of Social Science.

Additional information for students

  1. The ★42 required in I. above represent the minimum. Up to ★60 from the courses listed above may be used to count on the major. Those seeking to enter graduate school are encouraged to take the maximum.
  2. Global and Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program that requires the completion of a selection of courses from a variety of disciplines. Some of these courses have junior prerequisites, which should be taken in the student's first year. Some courses have senior pre- or corequisites. Further details about individual courses may be found in Course Listings .
  3. While participation in international programs is highly encouraged, it is possible to satisfy all the requirements locally or within Canada. It is strongly encouraged that a student who stays in this region find a cultural experience different from their own background, whether on a First Nation's reserve or in the Inner-city or in a rural community.
  4. Many senior courses are offered in alternate years only.