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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in European Studies

See Eligible Courses for information about European Studies designated courses. The European Studies Certificate formally recognizes students' knowledge and skills gained in courses based in three categories of European Study: Histories and Politics; Literatures and Ideas; and Cultures and Societies. This certificate also recognizes that students have training in a European language other than English.

Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in European Studies must apply through Undergraduate Student Services in the Faculty of Arts by the application deadline for convocation (see Academic Schedule, Dates, and Deadlines ).

Students may pursue the Certificate in European Studies by fulfilling existing requirements for majors, minors or honors in their respective disciplines and by completing ★30 in European coursework as follows:

  1. ★24 in European Studies courses that:
    1. Meet a distribution requirement of at least ★6 in each of the three areas of study
    2. Some courses are applicable to more than one distribution requirement; where this is the case, a course may be counted toward only one of the distribution requirements
    3. Have at least ★6 at the 400 level
    4. Count no more than ★12 from courses in the student's declared major
  2. ★6 in a European language other than English at the 200 level (at the 300 level for Greek and Latin) or higher.

Students completing the European Certificate program are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for study abroad in Europe, either in U of A programs such as the U of A School in Cortona, in partner institutions, or in international internships offered through UAI.