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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BFA in Drama

The Department of Drama offers a program leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. Students must successfully complete the specialization in Acting or Production.

Admission requirements

In addition to specific admission requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Acting)  and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Production) , a nonrefundable deposit toward tuition fees, on official notification of acceptance, will be required of successful applicants.

Following are the required courses in recommended sequence:

Specialization in Acting (★95)

Specialization in Production (★120)

There are three routes in the BFA in Drama (Production): Design, Stage Management and Technical Production.

Design (★120)

Stage Management (★120)

Technical Production (★120)


  1. To be promoted to the next year, students will normally need a minimum grade point average of 2.3 and Departmental recommendation.
  2. Departmental recommendation for promotion may be withheld when a student receives a grade of less than B- in any required courses in their program.
    Acting (i.e., DRAMA 334 , DRAMA 335 , DRAMA 344 , DRAMA 345 , DRAMA 355 , DRAMA 356 , DRAMA 358 , DRAMA 395 ,DRAMA 434 , DRAMA 435 , DRAMA 444 , DRAMA 445 , DRAMA 455 , DRAMA 456 , DRAMA 458 ), or who receive a grade of less than a B- in any core Design course (i.e., T DES 170 , T DES 172 , T DES 173, T DES 270 , T DES 271 , T DES 272 , T DES 273 , , T DES 275 , T DES 370 , T DES 372 , T DES 373 , T DES 374 , T DES 375 , T DES 376 , T DES 377 , T DES 378 , T DES 470 , T DES 471 , T DES 473 , T DES 474 , T DES 475 , T DES 477   or Technical Production course (i.e., T DES 170 , T DES 172 , T DES 272 , T DES 479 , DRAMA 291, DRAMA 292, DRAMA 295 , DRAMA 296 , DRAMA 298 , DRAMA 299, DRAMA 390 , DRAMA 392 , DRAMA 394 , DRAMA 395, DRAMA 490 , DRAMA 493, DRAMA 494 , DRAMA 497 , DRAMA 498, DRAMA 577 , DRAMA 590 , DRAMA 596 ).
  3. A student failing to receive Departmental recommendation for promotion at the end of any term of the second or third year, or failing to achieve a minimum GPA of 2.3 at the end of any Fall/Winter, may be required by the Faculty of Arts to withdraw from the BFA in Drama program immediately. Students who are required to withdraw may apply for transfer to another program in the Faculty if entrance requirements for the chosen program are met.
  4. Final-year requirements include a minimum grade point average of 2.3 and Departmental recommendation.
  5. Students who fail to meet the final year requirements in the program will be permitted to fulfil this requirement only with the approval of the Dean of Arts on the recommendation of the Department; otherwise, they must withdraw from the program and may apply for transfer to another program in the Faculty.
  6. A Bachelor of Fine Arts program may be interrupted only with Departmental consent.

Residence Requirement

Students must complete the BFA in Drama (Acting), BFA in Drama (Production) program as full-time students, in a full course load, at the University of Alberta.

Academic Performance

  1. To qualify for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, students must have successfully completed the curriculum for the chosen area of specialization; have met all promotion, continuation, final year, and residence requirements; and receive the recommendation of the department.
  2. For the degree of BFA With Distinction, candidates are required to carry a full course load in each of the last two years and obtain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher over those last two years. Students who have taken part of their program at another university may be granted a degree “With Distinction” at the discretion of the Faculty.