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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences

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General Information

The BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences program is for students interested in the natural world, its management, conservation and ecological perspectives. Graduates have a strong background in basic and applied sciences. They are able to evaluate effects of human land use on plant, soil, water, animal, and human resources and to assess and facilitate conservation, reclamation and remediation measures for natural, managed and damaged ecosystems. They are not only reactive but also agents for positive, responsible stewardship and change.

Graduates understand the role that social, economic, and political forces play in natural resource management. They integrate knowledge from various disciplines and are cognizant of the various philosophies about the role of humans in the environment. They are able to employ balanced judgment based on a foundation of environmental ethics and philosophy, and suggest appropriate use of natural resources.

The BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences emphasizes integrating natural science, management, and social science as related to environmental issues. It offers a program of study emphasizing applied problem solving and environmental management.

Employment opportunities include career paths with government or non-government agencies (such as private corporations and private consulting) concerned with forestry, parks, nature reserves, nature centres, environmental education, recreational areas, wildlife management, environmental policy analysis, rangeland management, land reclamation, environmental sociology, ecotourism, environmental planning, environmental assessment and environmental management. Students are also well prepared for entry into graduate studies.

With appropriate course selection, graduates may qualify for Professional Agrologist or Professional Biologist designations. Students are advised to select their courses in consultation with an academic advisor early in their program to be sure they can meet these professional organization requirements.

The BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences program requires coursework in basic sciences, environmental sciences, resource assessment, environmental philosophy, environmental policy, and natural resource/environmental economics. Students must choose a major by their second year of study. Students should consult with Student Services (2-06 Agriculture-Forestry Centre) about selection of Approved Program Electives.

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