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The Degree of PhD in Medical Sciences - Periodontology [Graduate]

General Information

The PhD in Medical Sciences - Periodontology program is a full-time thesis-based program with clinical training integrated into it. For the PhD in Medical Sciences - Periodontology program, applications will be received and reviewed by the Division of Periodontics Committee followed by approval by the Graduate Studies Committee (see Medical Sciences ).

Information about the program and the online application form may be found at www.ualberta.ca/school-of-dentistry/programs-and-admissions/graduate-studies/phd-periodontology. The application deadline is September 1 for the following September admission. 

Students enrolled in the PhD in Medical Sciences – Periodontology program will not have the option of transferring to the MSc in Medical Sciences – Periodontology program.

Entrance Requirements

In addition to the general entrance requirements (Dentistry ), applicants must have completed a Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS) or equivalent dental professional designation prior to the start of the program. The Department of Dentistry also requires a Master's degree or consent of both the Department of Dentistry and the Division of Periodontology in order to apply. A suitable supervisor must be identified to support the applicant. 

Applicants to the Periodontology program must: 

  1. Provide an official letter from their dental school noting their class ranking upon graduation from dentistry. 

  2. Have at least one year of experience as a licensed dentist within three years prior to the start of the program. Letter(s) of good standing from current and previous licensing bodies must be provided. 

  3. Complete a required personal interview if short-listed. Those applicants will be advised of the arranged interview date by e-mail. 

  4. Identify a suitable supervisor to provide support. 

For applicants that are not licensed by Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C), a condition of admission is for candidates to obtain registration on the Education and Research Register from the ADA&C by August 1 prior to starting the program in the Fall Term. Candidates who already possess a full license from the ADA&C do not need to obtain additional licensure. 

Program Requirements

The program of study and professional development requirements are determined in consultation with the supervisor and supervisory committee. PhD level training including relevant course work and a research component that will be exclusively performed during the first two years. Successful completion of the PhD candidacy examination will be required by October 1 prior to the academic year the student starts their clinical training. This will allow the allocation of a clinical training spot for the following September start. The requirements for the degree include coursework, a clinical component, and elective coursework pertinent to the PhD and a thesis.

Students enrolled in the PhD in Medical Sciences - Periodontology will not have the option of transferring to the MSc in Medical Sciences - Periodontology program but may switch to a non-clinical MSc in Medical Sciences. 

Length of Program

The time required to complete the PhD will vary according to the previous training of the applicant and the nature of the research undertaken; however, a minimum of six years is required with six to seven years being the expected norm.