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University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BA in Recreation, Sport and Tourism Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts (Recreation, Sport and Tourism) (BARST) degree prepares graduates with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills underlying the delivery of recreation, sport and tourism. Students can create a diversified degree program that aligns with their individual interests through selection of one of four options: completion of the general BARST program or completion of the BARST program with a Minor.

General BARST Program Structure

  1. Faculty Core: ★69
    Required courses offered by the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, inclusive of a full term practicum or an Advanced Project option.
  2. Liberal Arts Foundation: ★18
    ★6 of 100-level ENGL or ★3 ENGL and ★3 WRS
    ★12 with a minimum of ★3 in each of: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Fine Arts/Languages (see below)
    Any course chosen from the following areas: CHRTC, CHRTP, CLASS, C LIT, EASIA, ENGL, HIST, LA ST, MLCS, PHIL, RELIG, WRITE.
    Fine Arts or Language Other than English
    Any course chosen from the following areas: ART, ART H, DANCE, DES, DRAMA, FS, Language(s) other than English, MUSIC.
    Social Sciences
    Any course chosen from the following areas: ANTHR, EAS, ECON, LING, NS, POL S, PSYCO, SOC, WGS.
    Note: Some courses [e.g., courses in Interdisciplinary (INT D) or Science, Technology, and Society (STS)] may satisfy one or more of the above subject areas. In this instance, students should consult a Program Advisor.
  3. Senior Faculty Options: ★12
    Senior courses offered by the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, chosen from a list of available options (students should consult the Student Services Office or the Faculty website).
  4. Senior Out-of-Faculty Options: ★12
    Senior courses offered outside of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.
    Note: Senior Courses are those courses numbered 200-499.
  5. Open Options: ★9
    Chosen from any credit course offered by the University of Alberta.
  6. Advanced Project Option: This option is designed to provide the opportunity for advanced scholarly development by substituting an additional ★9 of course work in or out of the Faculty and ★6 of research based directed study in place of the ★15 normally dedicated to the practicum. Admission into the advanced project option is based on a demonstrated high standard of academic performance (minimum GPA of 3.0 on most recent minimum ★30), the preparation and acceptance of a program proposal detailing objectives, course work and research based directed studies, the availability of an academic supervisor and the approval of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate).
    Students interested in doing the Advanced Project Option should contact the Student Services Office for more information.

Course Sequence for General BARST program

Students are advised to follow the prescribed order as closely as possible.


Select courses based on balance of requirements relative to Year 1 selections.

Year 4 (★30)


  1. No more than ★6 of Options are to be completed through PAC/DAC courses.
  2. Students approved to take the Advanced Project in lieu of the Professional Practicum would normally take the approved course work and research-based Directed Study in Year 4.
  3. A maximum of ★18 in Practicum course offerings may be credited toward the BARST degree program.


A minor consists of at least ★27 with at least ★21 at the 300-level or higher (see Note 1). Students may choose to complete one of the following minors:

Minor in Community Development

The minor must include the following:

  • RLS 331 - Leisure Education
  • RLS 447 in the community recreation sector.
  • At least ★6 from an approved list of options for the minor, available from the Student Services Office.

Minor in Sport and Recreation Management

The minor must include the following:

Minor in Tourism and Natural Environments

The minor must include the following:


Students who complete a minor will complete ★21 open options with at least ★12 at the 200-level or higher. A maximum of ★6 are to be completed through PAC/DAC courses.