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University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DDS Advanced Placement Program

General Information

The Department of Dentistry offers an advanced placement DDS degree to a selected number of students who already possess a dental degree from a dental program recognized by the World Health Organization. After admission into the program, these students will enter the third year of the program and will be fully integrated with the third year students. The purpose of the program is to enable these students to write the National Dental Examining Board examinations for certification to practice dentistry in Canada.

Curriculum for Advanced Placement Students

Prior to entry into the program, students will be required to participate in and complete DDS 829 - Introduction to DDS Advanced Placement . Upon completion of DDS 829 , students will follow the third year DDS curriculum, including assignments to treat patients in the University’s Department of Dentistry clinics under the supervision of the clinical faculty.

The curriculum for second-year Advanced Placement students will follow the fourth year DDS curriculum which will include assignments to the Satellite Dental Clinic in northern Alberta and external hospitals. Thus students are able to relate their field of health service to the science and art of preventing, treating, and alleviating disease.

Technical Standards

The School of Dentistry Technical Standards Policy defines the necessary knowledge, skills, professional behaviors, and attitudes expected of students. Please see the School of Dentistry website for further information.

Course Requirements