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University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 
University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Decision and Information Systems [Business]

Description of Field

Decision and Information Systems merges topics in operations management and management information systems. Many business operations require intensive knowledge of computing and information systems. Similarly, management of computing and information facilities often requires deep understanding of such issues as scheduling, replacement strategy, and policies on the development and adoption of new technology.

Career Opportunities

This program trains students for managerial positions and entrepreneurial opportunities in an economy that is becoming more computer and information intensive. Specialists in Decision and Information Systems combine a background in Operations Management with a knowledge of current computing technologies. They design and manage computerized systems that control the production and distribution of a firm's goods and services. Career opportunities exist in most industries and government organizations.

Sequence of Courses

Year Two—Winter

Year Four


  1. See Policy on Elective Courses . Some Decision and Information Systems students will find it useful to develop a strong background in computing science. Such students should consult the Computing Science section or seek Faculty advice for appropriate course offerings and sequencing. Students contemplating the pursuit of higher level computing science courses should consider taking either CMPUT 114 and CMPUT 115 or CMPUT 174  and CMPUT 175  in Year One (Preprofessional Year) or Year Two, to obtain the prerequisites for higher level computing courses. Students with no prior programming experience should either take CMPUT 101  followed by CMPUT 114 and MCPUT 115, or take the CMPUT 174  and CMPUT 175  sequence, which does not require prior programming experience. These courses satisfy the requirements in Year Two for electives outside Business. Students must contact the Department of Finance and Statistical Analysis early in their program regarding appropriate and available coursework.
  2. May be taken in any year except Year Two, Fall Term.
  3. May be taken in either of Year Three or Four.
  4. Decision and Information Systems electives may be chosen from any 400-level MGTSC courses, any 400-level MIS courses and from a list of additional approved courses available from the Department of Finance and Statistical Analysis office. At least two of the five courses chosen must be MGTSC courses.
  5. Students planning to take advanced course work in Economics may wish to substitute ECON 281 . See Policy on Elective Courses (4) . ECON courses used to satisfy the requirements of this major may not also be used to satisfy the requirements for coursework outside the Faculty of Business.


  1. Students with a declared major in Decision and Information Systems may choose to do a minor in any subject area of Business. See Minors for Business Students  . Minors are not required. Students are urged to select areas that complement the major. Students may also wish to consider the Cooperative Education program (see BCom (Cooperative Education Program) ).
  2. Students with a declared major in another area may not choose a minor in Decision and Information Systems. Interested students should consult the Management Information Systems major or the Operations Management major for information on minors in those areas.
  3. Students wishing to construct informal programs of study outside the Faculty of Business should consider the following suggestions:
    1. Economics: Any senior ECON course, with Departmental approval.
    2. Statistics/Mathematics: Additional work is recommended for students interested in research and/or graduate work.