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University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 
University of Alberta Calendar 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in Business Economics and Law [Business]

Description of Field

The Major in Business Economics and Law looks at the application of managerial economic and legal concepts and at the way in which they combine and interact to affect the conduct of business. It studies how business economics and law affect the firm and its operation and how both create the environment in which the firm operates. Many courses within the two areas relate predominantly to one orientation, although some courses have extensive elements of both. It is thus possible within the major to take a broad approach or to concentrate on the firm or on the environment of the firm. The major requirements ensure, however, that students are exposed to the basic managerial economic issues that affect the conduct of business and to several functional areas of business law.

Career Opportunities

Employers frequently prefer students with broad based education and a good grasp of the "real world" environment. Students in this major benefit from the breadth of a more generalist degree, while also acquiring specialist knowledge. This major is suited to students interested in working in smaller companies where a broad perspective of the operations of the firm and its environment is essential. The major may also be of interest to students who intend further advanced study in the areas of economics or law.

Sequence of Courses

Year Two—Winter

Year Three

Year Four


  1. See Policy on Elective Courses 
  2. May be taken in either of Year Three or Year Four.
  3. May be taken in any year except Year Two, Fall Term.
  4. Students must take at least ★12 in Business Economics and Law courses at the 300 or 400-level. Of these, at least ★3 must be in BUEC and ★3 must be in B LAW. Business Economics and Business Law courses may be chosen from the following depending on the stream selected:
    Firm: BUEC 311  or ECON 281 ; B LAW 402 ; ECON 373 , ECON 378 ,ECON 471 , ECON 472 .
    Environment: BUEC 342 , BUEC 442 , BUEC 444 , BUEC 463 , BUEC 464 , BUEC 488  ; B LAW 428 , B LAW 432 , B LAW 442 , B LAW 444 , B LAW 488.
    Firm and Environment: B LAW 403 , B LAW 422 ; ECON 373 , ECON 471 , ECON 472 . (BUEC 311 , BUEC 342 , ECON 281 , ECON 373  and ECON 378  are considered 400-level courses for the purpose of satisfying this major.)
  5. ECON courses used to satisfy the requirements of this major may not also be used to satisfy the requirements for coursework outside the Faculty of Business.


  1. Students with a declared major in Business Economics and Law may choose to do a minor in any subject area of Business. See Minors for Business Students . Minors are not required. Business Economics and Law students are permitted to count one of the secondary core courses required in the Business Economics and Law major as one of the four courses constituting their minor.
  2. Students with a declared major in another area may complete a minor in Business Economics and Law by completing both B LAW 301  and BUEC 311  (whether or not they are required by the student's major). An additional ★9 in Business Economics and Law courses at the 400-level is also required. Of these, at least ★3 must be in B LAW and ★3 must be in BUEC.