Nov 30, 2023  
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024

REN R 906 - Research Project

Course Career Graduate
Units 6
Approved Hours UNASSIGNED
Fee index 12
Faculty Agric, Life & Environ Sciences
Department Renewable Resources
Typically Offered variable

The final research project that comprises REN R 906 is a final capping exercise for the degrees of MAg and MF. Its practical and professional focus should integrate the core areas of study in the program. The successful completion of the project entails (1) a research topic approved by the supervisor; (2) the presentation of a draft research proposal; and (3) the presentation of the research as a written document to the supervisor. The project may take the form of any of the following: (1) a formal analysis of management practice, organizational processes or policy; (2) a formative or summative evaluation of a research project or program; (3) a case study, using secondary documents, survey data, or interviews; or (4) replication of a previous study, with either the introduction of a new variable or an analysis in a changed context.