Jan 24, 2022  
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NS 420 - Partnership Strategies

★ 3 (fi 6) (either term, 0-3s-0) An exploration of the theory and practice of creating partnerships and public movement building. Students will be introduced to a number of governance techniques that include interest based negotiations, meeting facilitation and building public narrative. Additionally, students will survey various cases of Indigenous partnerships and public movements. This course will be taught in a seminar format with a heavy focus on simulations. Prerequisite: *3 in any NS 300 level or consent of the Faculty. Sections may be offered in a Cost Recovery format at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.