May 25, 2024  
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty of Engineering Admission Requirements

BSc in Engineering

High School Applicants

Subject Requirements

  1. English Language Arts 30-1
  2. Chemistry 30
  3. Mathematics 30-1
  4. Mathematics 31
  5. Physics 30

On an annual basis, the Faculty sets the minimum high school average for admission. Students whose final high school average across the five required subjects (or their equivalents) is at or above this minimum are admitted to first year. When the minimum average has been determined, it is available on the Faculty of Engineering website.


  1. Applicants from other provinces and territories of Canada: Students from other provinces who have clear senior matriculation and who would be acceptable in a similar program in those provinces may be considered for admission at the University of Alberta. Such applicants must have completed senior matriculation courses in the same subject areas as required of applicants from Alberta high schools.
  2. Applicants from outside Canada: Admission requirements for students presenting other than Canadian admission qualifications are outlined in Applicants from High Schools outside of Canada .

Transfer Applicants

See Postsecondary Transfer Applicants  and Academic Regulations .

Nonmatriculated Applicants

See Nonmatriculated Applicants  and contact Faculty.

Indigenous Applicants

See Admission of Indigenous Applicants .

Special Students

Students holding a BSc in Engineering or a Science specialization, e.g., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computing Science, Geology, may register as part-time special students in the Faculty of Engineering, taking no more than two courses per term. For further information regarding admissibility, see Special Students .

Visiting Students

Students from other universities or colleges are eligible to be considered for admission as visiting students if:

  1. They are in a degree program at their home institution,
  2. Their home institution provides an appropriate letter of permission, and
  3. Their academic record shows a competitive AGPA.

Priority for visiting student status is given to students who are applying as part of a recognized exchange program. Visiting student status is granted for one term or one academic year. Visiting students must reapply each year and present a new letter of permission from their home institution. Visiting student admissions may be restricted.