Apr 18, 2024  
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 
University of Alberta Calendar 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classification of Students

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Please Note [Jul. 26, 2023] - ERRATUM. The name “Faculty of Extension” has been corrected to “Online and Continuing Education.”


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  1. Undergraduate students are those who are registered at the University of Alberta in a Faculty other than the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Undergraduate students may be registered as full- or part-time students.
  • Full-time students are those who are registered for credit in 9 units of course weight or more in one term.
  • Part-time students are those who are registered for credit in fewer than 9 units of course weight in one term.
  1. A detailed classification of graduate students will be found in Classification of Graduate Students  of the Graduate Studies and Research section of this Calendar.

Classification of Undergraduate Students

  1. Degree, Diploma, or Certificate Program Students are those who are registered in a GFC approved program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate granted by the University of Alberta.
  2. Probationary Students are students who have been admitted (or permitted to continue) in a Faculty on a probationary basis, because their previous academic record is either deficient in some respect, below the standard ordinarily required, or difficult to assess. Normally, if such students fail to meet the conditions stipulated within the time limit imposed, they will not be allowed to proceed further in their program.
  3. Special Students are those who have been permitted to register in one or more courses which are not being taken for credit towards a degree or diploma at this or any other institution.
  4. Open Studies Students are students registered in selected credit courses but who are not following a specific degree or diploma program.
  5. Visiting Students are bona fide students of other universities or colleges who have been permitted to take one or more courses for transfer of credit to their own institutions which have agreed in advance to such an arrangement.
  6. Exchange Students: this term is used to describe students who are participating in a formal exchange program between the University of Alberta and another postsecondary institution. Incoming exchange students from other institutions are normally classified as Visiting Students for the period of the exchange. Outgoing University of Alberta exchange students remain classified in their ongoing program and register in an Exchange course (EXCH) for the period of the exchange.
  7. Audit Only Students (Auditors) are those registered in one or more courses, exclusively on a not-for-credit basis.

Students in Online and Continuing Education

Online and Continuing Education students are those registered in any of that office’s courses. These courses may or may not lead to degree, diploma, certificate or citation credit.

Spring/Summer Courses

The University of Alberta offers a wide selection of courses during the Spring Term and Summer Term for the convenience of students who are unable to attend Fall/Winter courses, and for continuing students who wish to supplement their regular programs. Information about Spring/Summer courses is available in mid-December.

Further information can be found on the Office of the Registrar Spring and Summer Studies page.