Feb 07, 2023  
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023 
University of Alberta Calendar 2022-2023

Message from the President

Welcome to the University of Alberta!

This university has a long history as a gathering place of curious minds, creative thinkers and problem solvers, and we are so pleased to have you join us!

During your time on campus I hope that you encounter people who encourage you to think differently, challenges that allow you to grow, and opportunities to support others within the university and the greater Edmonton community.

I encourage you to get involved in campus life in as many ways as you can and find people with whom you can share your university experience. Support your fellow students and  reach out for assistance whenever you need it. From asking directions in an unfamiliar part of campus to accessing student financial aid, wellness and academic supports - the  university community is here to help you be successful in your learning journey.

I am delighted to share this year at the University of Alberta with you and wish you every success.


Bill Flanagan

President and Vice-Chancellor

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