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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs of Study

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Faculté Saint-Jean offers the following programs:
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
Bachelor of Arts (After Degree)
Bachelor of Commerce (Bilingual)
Bachelor of Education (Elementary)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Education (After Degree)
Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science (General)
Bachelor of Science (Environmental and Conservation Sciences—Bilingual)

Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bilingual)
Diploma programs in Education
Master of Arts in Etudes Canadiennes
Master of Education

The BA After Another Undergraduate Degree

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree other than a Bachelor of Arts, may be admitted to the BA at Faculté Saint-Jean. All requirements detailed in Residence  and Degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Faculté Saint-Jean)  are to be met.

French Courses

All students, except those registered in the BEd/AD (see Programs ), BSc (see Degree of Bachelor of Science (Faculté Saint-Jean) ) and BSc (Environmental and Conservation Sciences - Bilingual) (see The program ) must complete a minimum of ★9 of French (FRANC), including FRANC 236 . Students in the BScN (Bilingual) program should consult Course sequence .

The objective of French language courses is to help the student speak and write clearly and correctly in situations that arise in everyday personal or professional life. The unique intercultural context that is Faculté Saint-Jean provides an ideal environment for such linguistic development.

FRANC 236 , mandatory for all students (except for the students in the BSc, BSc (Environment and Conservation-bilingual) and BScN-bilingual), presupposes a strong command of all aspects of French (grammatically, syntactically and lexically). It is the student’s responsibility to acquire such command of the language. To achieve this goal, Faculté Saint-Jean offers French language and linguistics courses (e.g., FRANC 116 , FRANC 117 , FRANC 213, FRANC 216 , FRANC 226 , LINGQ 200 ), and provides access to a French help centre. In order to ensure that students have achieved this goal, FRANC 226  or FRANC 227  are prerequisites for FRANC 236 . The Office of the Associate Dean (Academic) may grant an exemption for this course.

Master of Education – Educational Studies in Language and Culture

General Information

Faculté Saint-Jean offers a Master of Education degree specializing in educational studies in language and culture. This multidisciplinary program recognizes the uniqueness of the Faculté and enables students to pursue studies in French at the Master’s level. The Master of Education program is oriented to the school milieu and its instructional program is designed to develop competencies as master teachers, specialists in the field of Immersion and Francophone education, and educators who are prepared to assume a leadership role in their educational milieu.

Prospective students should consult the Graduate Program Coordinator for further information or the University Calendar, Graduate Programs  Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research under Faculté Saint-Jean.

Master of Arts in Etudes Canadiennes

General Information

Faculté Saint-Jean offers a Master of Arts degree specializing in études canadiennes. This program proposes a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary study of Canada, including the study of Canada’s francophonies. Emphasis is placed on culture and institutions in relation to socio-political conflicts and historical and social contexts. The program explores nationalism, regionalism and globalization; economy, society and state; and relations of identities/differences, sex/gender, race, language and class.

Prospective students should consult either the Director of the Centre d’études canadiennes at Faculté Saint-Jean or Graduate Programs  of the University Calendar.


The term “option” means a course freely chosen by students provided they have successfully completed the prerequisite(s). The term “approved option” means an option approved by the department directing the program of the student concerned.