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University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 
University of Alberta Calendar 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Faculty of Arts courses are listed in Course Listings, under the following subject headings:

Anthropology (ANTHR)
American Sign Language (ASL)
Arabic (ARAB)
Art (ART)
Chinese (CHINA)
Classics (CLASS)
Community Service-Learning (CSL)
Comparative Literature (C LIT)
Danish (DANSK)
Design (DES)
Digital Humanities (DH)
Drama (DRAMA)
East Asian Studies (EASIA)
East European and Soviet Studies (INT D)
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS)
Economics (ECON)
English (ENGL)
Film Studies (FS)
Folklore Studies (FOLK)
French Language and Literature (FREN)
German (GERM)
Greek (GREEK)
Hebrew (HEBR)
Hindi (HINDI)
History (HIST)
History of Art, Design and Visual Culture (HADVC)
Human Geography Planning (HGP)
Hungarian (HUNG)
Interdisciplinary Studies (INT D)
Italian (ITAL)
Japanese (JAPAN)
Korean (KOREA)
Latin (LATIN)
Latin American Studies (LA ST)
Linguistics (LING)
Media Studies (MST)
Middle Eastern and African Studies (MEAS)
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS)
Music (MUSIC)
Norse (NORSE)
Norwegian (NORW)
Persian (PERS)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Polish (POLSH)
Political Science (POL S)
Portuguese (PORT)
Psychology (PSYCO)
Religious Studies (RELIG)
Russian (RUSS)
Sanskrit (SANSK)
Scandinavian (SCAND)
Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Slavic and East European Studies (SLAV)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPAN)
Swedish (SWED)
Theatre Design (T DES)
Ukrainian (UKR)
Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS)
Writing (WRITE)
Writing Studies (WRS)