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University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 
University of Alberta Calendar 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Constitution of the University

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The main lines of the constitution of the University of Alberta are laid down in the Post-Secondary Learning Act assented to December 4, 2003.

The Chancellor

Chancellor of the University

DR Stollery, QC, LLM

The Chancellor is titular head of the University and represents the public interest in the University. Elected for a four-year term of office by the University Senate, the Chancellor chairs the Senate, serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Governors, confers all degrees, and represents the University at ceremonial occasions.

The President and Vice-Chancellor

President and Vice-Chancellor
DH Turpin, CM, PhD, LLD, FRSC

The President reports to the Board of Governors, and as the University’s chief representative, models the values of the institution locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. The President is the lead spokesperson with the various levels of government, and industry, and leads in promoting the University’s fundraising initiatives. The President promotes the University’s vision as expressed in For the Public Good and ensures the work of the governing bodies (General Faculties Council, the Senate and the Board of Governors) is focused on the achievement of the vision. This portfolio oversees the senior executive team to ensure the long-term sustainability of the University.

The Vice-Presidents

Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
S Dew, PhD

The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) leads the academic mission of the University and works with the team of vice-presidents to ensure that all portfolios and goals are aligned towards achievement of the University’s vision and strategic plan. The academic portfolio is diverse, and encompasses student recruitment, retention and well-being, including liaising with student leaders on the issues affecting the student experience; selection and leadership of the University’s nineteen Deans; facilitation of academic program development and review; international engagement; stewardship of the learning environment; and relations with the professoriate. The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) ensures appropriate resource allocation to achieve the University’s academic mission, and oversees the support, infrastructure and administrative units that underpin that mission.

Vice-President (University Relations)
J Tam, MA, BSc 

The Vice-President (University Relations) works to enhance the reputation, build productive relationships, and help accrue essential public resources at the university. The portfolio builds understanding, enhances awareness, and advances the university’s mission through story-telling, advocacy, community connections, special events, and strategic communications and initiatives across the university’s campuses. Through the work of its units (Government and Community Relations, Marketing and Communications, Internal Communications and the Calgary Centre) University Relations seeks to ensure that the university is admired, trusted and respected by the public - in Alberta, across Canada, and around the world..

Vice-President (Facilities and Operations)

A Sharman, MSc, CMILT

The Vice-President (Facilities and Operations) enables the University of Alberta to realize its vision through the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the entirety of the institution’s building and grounds inventory. Also included in this portfolio are the university’s ancillary operations, which includes the ownership and operation of our own district energy system through which we supply utility services (steam; electricity; natural gas; compressed air; and domestic, demineralized, and chilled water) to the greater North Campus area. Additional ancillary operations include those directly impacting students living on campus through the operation of residences and dining facilities.

Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

G Kulczycki, CPA, CA, MBA

The Vice-President (Finance and Administration) and Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all financial and human resource functions of the organization and for the provision of responsive and accessible institutional services.

This portfolio includes finance; human resources; risk management services (campus security, environmental health and safety, resource planning, insurance and risk management, emergency management and policies and procedures); supply management services; internal audit services; safe disclosure and human rights; disclosure, assurance and institutional research; and administrative information systems.

Vice-President (Research)
M Ruth, PhD

The Vice-President (Research) plays a vital role in the achievement of the University’s vision by providing leadership and direction to facilitate research activities and initiatives. The scope of the portfolio includes research services, research ethics, and commercialization/knowledge translation.

Vice-President (Advancement)
H McCaw, BCom

The Vice-President (Advancement) provides vision and direction for the development and execution of a full-scale advancement program, which fosters relationships that result in the continuing goodwill and financial support from alumni, parents, friends, and organizations, including corporations and foundations.

The Office of Advancement portfolio includes: alumni relations, development, strategic communications, and advancement services.

The Board of Governors


The Senate


General Faculties Council


Deans’ Council


Faculty Councils

Each Faculty, except that of Graduate Studies and Research, has a council consisting of the President, the Dean of the Faculty, all full-time members of the academic staff of the Faculty, a representative of each of the appropriate professional societies associated with the Faculty appointed by General Faculties Council on the recommendation of the Faculty Council, and other persons appointed by General Faculties Council on the recommendation of the Faculty Council. The Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research consists of the President, the Vice-Provost and Dean, and other persons appointed by General Faculties Council.

Each Faculty Council, subject to the control of General Faculties Council, arranges the courses of study falling within its jurisdiction and provides for the setting of examinations and for determining the results. It deals with admissions and withdrawals and authorizes the granting of degrees in branches of learning within its jurisdiction.