Jan 25, 2021  
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Please Note:

Important Notice  on first page of the calendar.

  1. Please Note Table of Contents of the Calendar.
  2. Inquiries 

    All correspondence to the main campus should contain the suffix University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2E2

    All correspondence to Faculté Saint-Jean should be addressed to 8406 - 91 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4G9

    Main campus (780) 492-3111,
    Faculté Saint-Jean (780) 465-8700
  3. The office hours of the University are from 0830 to 1200 and from 1300 to 1630 Monday to Friday (except holidays).

  4. The office hours of the Faculté Saint-Jean are from 0830 to 1200 and from 1300 to 1630 Monday to Friday (except holidays).