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University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 
University of Alberta Calendar 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

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The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta has been dedicated to improving the quality of life and the health of our communities through physical activity, sport and recreation for more than 50 years. The Faculty offers high-caliber undergraduate and graduate academic programs, as well as a wide variety of services to students and staff through our Campus & Community Recreation and Golden Bears and Pandas Athletic programs.

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Vision: Outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship that contribute to the quality of life and health of our communities through physical activity, sport and recreation.

After a lengthy and thorough research and consultation process, the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation changed its name on January 1, 2018 to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.

In Canada, we are one of the last faculties of our type to adopt 'kinesiology' into its name, the oldest faculty with 'recreation' in its name, and the first faculty with 'sport' in its name. We are confident that the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation name accurately represents the diverse, multi-disciplinary teaching, learning and research environment of the Faculty.

Kinesiology represents the science, study, and research of human movement. Including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees—Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN) and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BScKIN), Masters of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)—and five areas of research, our students and researchers study and explore all facets of the kinesiology field. From understanding human anatomy and movement to investigating the influence of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on our overall health, the breadth of our research and teachings focus on positively contributing to the quality of life of the communities we serve.

Sport reflects both the academic and service offerings of the Faculty. Academically, the Faculty has an undergraduate degree with a focus on sport—Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism (BARST). Additionally, the Faculty offers an undergraduate major in Sport Performance and Sport Coaching, as well as Canada's first dedicated Master's degree in sport coaching—Master of Coaching, (MCoach). The service arms of the Faculty—Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics and Campus & Community Recreation (CCR)—support outstanding sport programs and services.

Recreation continues to represent the recreation and leisure studies that have been part of our Faculty since the launch of the bachelor's degree in recreation and leisure studies in 1962. The term recreation has been part of our faculty name since 1976 and represents our current degrees—Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism (BARST), Master of Arts in Recreation and Leisure (MA)—and research in this area. Students and researchers study and investigate a wide variety of recreation and leisure topics including community development, tourism and natural environments. Our degree and research offerings aim to encourage and increase participation in recreational activities.

Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty currently offers the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism - 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology - 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education (Elementary) - 5 Years
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - 5 Years

Teacher Education

In addition to the five undergraduate degrees, the Faculty provides a wide selection of service courses for students in the Faculty of Education, who have selected Physical Education as a Major or Minor field of study.

Students who wish to be certified to teach Physical Education in Alberta may complete

  1. The five-year Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program; or
  2. The four-year Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program and then undertake the 2-year Bachelor of Education (After Degree) program; or
  3. The four-year Bachelor of Education degree (Secondary Route) with a Major or Minor in Physical Education; or
  4. The four-year Education degree (Elementary Route) with a Minor in Physical Education.

Note: The Bachelor of Kinesiology degree offers approximately 40% more professional courses in Kinesiology than the Bachelor of Education degree program. Interested students should consult the Faculty of Education section of the University Calendar for further detailed information.

Graduate Programs

Students holding the a degree of BKin, BScKin, or the equivalent may undertake graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. Students holding the degree of BA in Recreation Sport and Tourism or equivalent may undertake graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. See Physical Education and Recreation for further details in the Graduate Studies section of the University Calendar.

Campus & Community Recreation

The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation organizes and administers a wide a variety of extracurricular recreational programs which offer physical, psychological and social benefits for all University of Alberta students and staff, and their families. The vast array of Campus & Community Recreation activities allows students and staff to create dynamic groups which form smaller communities within the University of Alberta to be active for life.

Teams, clubs, classes and special events offer increased opportunities for interaction with others and engagement in university community. Programs offered include: Intramural Sports, Group Fitness, Instructional Recreation, Sport and Recreation Clubs, Safety Programs, Residence programs and Special Events.


Our Faculty is home to a wide range of facilities, which rank among the best-equipped facilities for teaching, research, sport and recreation of any university in Canada. Spanning across two campuses (North and South Campus) and covering over 800,000 sq ft of facility floor space in 37 sport facilities, our students have access to an ice arena, multiple gymnasiums, curling rinks, tennis courts, two pools, indoor and outdoor track and field facilities, turf and grass fields, squash and racquet courts, dance studios and a brand new fitness centre and climbing centre.

The Faculty's main home, located on the North Campus, is the Van Vliet Complex named by the University of Alberta in honor of the contributions of Dr Maurice (Maury) L Van Vliet. Dr Van Vliet served the University with distinction from 1945 to 1978 as a teacher, scholar, coach, administrator, and as the founding Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.

The Van Vliet Complex itself is comprised of the following facilities:

  • Universiade Pavilion
  • Clare Drake Arena
  • Main Gymnasium
  • East Gym
  • Varsity Field
  • Dance studio
  • Racquetball courts
  • Squash courts
  • Indoor swimming pools (2)
  • Indoor track (Two hundred metres)
  • Hanson Fitness and Lifestyle Centre
  • Wilson Climbing Centre            

 In addition the Faculty has two facilities on South Campus – Foote Field and the Saville Community Sports Centre (East and West). East facilities feature a curling rink, tennis courts, fitness centre, High Performance Training and Research Centre and various multi-purpose spaces. West facilities feature, multiple gymnasiums, competition gym, gymnastics centre, fitness studio, classrooms and food and beverage services.        

  • Foote Field: consists of an artificial turf field, a natural grass field, and a state-of-the-art running track and an air-supported inflatable dome in the Winter months.

The Saville Community Sports Centre (SCSC): a 350,000 sq ft  multi-sport facility managed and operated by the Faculty and is the home of the Golden Bears and Pandas basketball, curling, tennis and volleyball teams, and houses the Canadian Curling Association National Training Centre, Tennis Canada High Performance Tennis Development Centre, and Team Ortona Gymnastics.

  • Saville Community Sport Centre is comprised of the following facilities:
  • Eight indoor tennis courts
  • Ten curling sheets
  • Fitness centre
  • Fitness studio
  • Indoor track
  • High Performance Training and Research Centre
  • Competition gym (seating for 2800)
  • Ortona Gymnastics facility
  • Twelve basketball courts
  • Twenty-five volleyball courts
  • Thirty badminton courts
  • Conference rooms

Associated Centres and Institutes include the following:

  • Alberta Centre for Active Living
  • Alberta Centre on Aging
  • Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Pat Austin Centre
  • Provincial Fitness Unit
  • Steadward Centre for Personal and Physical Achievement

Interuniversity Athletics

The Golden Bears and Pandas interuniversity athletic teams compete in the Canada West (CW) conference, which is a member of U SPORTS, the governing body of Canadian University Sports. The many championship banners in the Van Vliet Complex and Saville Community Sports Centre attest to the level of success achieved by individual student-athletes and teams in the 19 interuniversity sports. One of the proudest achievements, however, is the number of Academic All-Canadians that play on Pandas and Golden Bears teams. The University of Alberta has produced 2,750 Academic All-Canadians (as of 2016/2017), the most by any university in Canada..

Graduate Study

The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation offers programs leading to the degrees of MA, MSc, MCoach and PhD in many disciplines related to the broad areas of physical education, sport, kinesiology, recreation and leisure. The MA degrees are available in a course-based as well as thesis-based format. The MCoach degree is a course-based degree.

For further information, write to the Office of the Associate Dean (Graduate Programs) of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2H9.

For detailed information on graduate studies, refer to

Refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research section Graduate Programs for more information regarding regulations.